Advanced Visual Communication & Computing (AVC2) lab is a research group under the School of Electronic Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. The AVC2 lab is engaged in fundamental and application research related to visual coding, communications, analysis and processing. Research topics of particular interest in the recent years include:

  • Image and video compression
    • various compression techniques & coding standards
    • rate-distortion analysis & optimization
    • fast algorithms
    • implementation of video coding systems (software & hardware)
  • Multimedia networking & communications
    • joint source and channel coding
    • error robustness, resilience and concealment
    • media adaptation and streaming
    • cross-layer design
  • Representation, analysis and coding of 3D scenes
    • depth-based multi-view video
    • 3D-TV and free viewpoint TV system
    • depth processing & view synthesis
  • Visual perception and applications
    • visual quality assessment
    • perceptual-based video adaptation & image rendering
    • visual content analysis
  • Computer Vision
    • object segmentation, detection, tracking and understanding
    • scene understanding
    • smart video surveillance
    • defect detection in images
  • Pattern recognition & machine learning
    • classification models & techniques
    • graphical model
    • sparse representation
    • deep learning
  • Biomedical signal processing
    • signal/image representation, reconstruction and visualization
    • compressive sensing
    • tensor signal processing
    • smart health care


    Ce ZHU (朱策)