Courses taught

Signals and Systems (UESTC)

EE4478 Digital Video Processing (Course coordinator, NTU)

EE6403 Distributed Multimedia Systems (NTU)

EE6427 Video Signal Processing (Course coordinator, NTU)

E6426 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (NTU)

E6326 Digital Television Systems (NTU)

At NTU, I also developed and conducted the online Distance Education (Pilot) course "Distributed Multimedia Systems" for postgraduate (master and PhD) students: video lecture recording, chunking/segmentation of the recorded lecture, design & preparation of weekly online learning activity, weekly online synchronous meeting with students.

Current Students & Research Staffs at UESTC, China

Yimin Zhou Postdoc, 2013- Project: Rate control in video coding
Chang Duan Postdoc, 2015- Project: 3D video processing
Dayong Wang Postdoc, 2016- Project: Scalable video coding
YanBo Gao Postdoc, 2018- Project: RDO in video coding
Shuai Li Research Assistant, 2013-2015 Project: View synthesis in 3D video
Yanbo Gao PhD Student, 2013-2018
Chao Zhang PhD Student, 2014-
Yuyang Liu PhD Student, 2014-
Peipei Xu PhD Student, 2014-
Yingying Zhang PhD Student, 2015-
Xinyu Lin PhD Student, 2018-
Jiani Liu PhD Student, 2018-
Zhen Long PhD Student, 2018-
Shuying Ma Master Student, 2012-2015 Research Area: 3D video encoding optimizations
Jianjun Song Master Student, 2012-2015 Research Area: Depth map processing
Yuhua Zhang Master Student, 2012-2015 Research Area: Prediction techniques in depth-based 3D video coding
Xin Wang Master Student, 2012-2015 Research Area: Video filtering and coding
Yong Wang Master Student, 2013-2016
Bing Chen Master Student, 2013-2016
Liying Xu Master Student, 2013-2016
Xiangfeng Liu Master Student, 2013-2016
Qingxi He Master Student, 2013-2016
Junlan Bai Master Student, 2013-2016
Zhiqiang Xia Master Student, 2014-2017
Zhengtao Wang Master Student, 2014-2017
Xinyu Lin Master Student, 2014-2017
Fangliang Song Master Student, 2014-2017
Qi Guo Master Student, 2014-2017
Qian Zhang Master Student, 2014-2017
Longguo Liu Master Student, 2015-2018
Hongdiao Wen Master Student, 2015-2018
Min Mao Master Student, 2015-2018
Shichang Song Master Student, 2015-2018
Junzhao Xiang Master Student, 2015-2018
Pan Ran Master Student, 2015-2018
Minjie Yang Master Student, 2015-2018
Xiaoqiang Cao Master Student, 2015-2018
Xi Zhao Master Student, 2016-
Jiaqi Feng Master Student, 2016-
Lingtong Meng Master Student, 2016-
li Zhan Master Student, 2016-
Yuhuan Shen Master Student, 2016-
Mengxue Wang Master Student, 2016-
Lingling Deng Master Student, 2017-
Dianmin Hu Master Student, 2017-
Ni Jiang Master Student, 2017-
Rongjian Xu Master Student, 2017-
Tie Zhang Master Student, 2017-
Keke Ding Master Student, 2017-
Yapeng Du Master Student, 2017-
Shi Yan Master Student, 2017-
Qiuyue Wang Master Student, 2017-
Xucheng Song Master Student, 2018-
Han Qin Master Student, 2018-
Biao Zeng Master Student, 2018-
Zhiyu Zhan Master Student, 2018-
Longfei Zheng Master Student, 2018-
Jiashan Yu Master Student, 2018-
Yonghua Wang Master Student, 2018-
Xinyu Wei Master Student, 2018-

Previous Students & Research Staff at NTU, Singapore

Yixuan Zhang Research Staff, 2009 – 2012 Project: Hyperspectral image coding $ processing
Yin Zhao Research Staff, 2010 Project: 3D video processing & video quality assessment
Gao Yang Research Staff, 2010 - 2011 Project: Depth Coding in 3D video
Xiaojiu Fan Research Staff, 2010 - 2011 Project: RDO in video coding
Yuanyuan Xu PhD Student, 2008-2012 Thesis : Issues in Multiple Description Coded Video Communications: Coding, Routing and Scheduling
Yixuan Zhang PhD Student, 2005-2012 Thesis : Distributed Source Coding and Applications
Shikui Wei Visiting PhD Student, CSC Scholar, 2008-2010 Thesis : Information Fusion based Multimedia Content Search
Bing Xiong PhD Student, 2006-2008 Thesis : Distortion Measure Analysis and Face Region Based Video Coding
Minglei Liu PhD Student, 2004-2009 Thesis : Multiple Description Coding: Algorithm Design, Analysis and Applications
Tzu-Yi Hung PhD Student, 2009-2012 on-going (Visual Signal Analysis and Classification)
Lu Dong Co-supervised PhD Student, 2009-2012 on-going (Perceptually Based Selective Rendering)
Weisong Qi MEng Student, 2002-2004 Thesis : Fast Motion Estimation for Video Coding
JingXi Xiao MSc Student, 2010-2011 Thesis : Hyperspectral Image Compression
Peng Li MSc Student, 2009-2010 Thesis : Image Transmission over Noisy Channels
Yuan Pu Sc Student, 2009-2010 Thesis : Efficient noise removal for highly degraded images
Rao Sheeravanthe Vinayak MSc Student, 2008-2009 Thesis : Computation-Aware Block Motion Estimation for Video Coding
James Anusha MSc Student, 2007-2009 Thesis : Frame Interpolation in Video Transmission
Mang Wei MSc Student, 2008-2009 Thesis : Study on 3D TV Systems
Arun Bosco John Bosco MSc Student, 2007-2008 Thesis : H.264/AVC Video Encoder Optimization
Kattukandy Rajan Arun MSc Student, 2007-2008 Thesis : Optimizing the generation of SP- and SI-frames for H.264/AVC
Kyaw Zin Nan MSc Student, 2007-2008 Thesis : Study on Advanced Video Coding Standard H.264
You Tao MSc Student, 2006-2007 Thesis : Video Coding Standards and Beyond
Danny Linson Fernandes MSc Student, 2005-2006 Thesis : Overlapped Block Motion Compensation Using Modified Sigmoid Window and Diagonally Asymmetric Window
Chng Jack Ping MSc Student, 2005-2006 Thesis : A Comparative study on ECG Signal Compression Techniques
Tin Win Hlaing MSc Student, 2004-2005 Thesis :
Nyi Min Aung (A Aung Zaw) MSc Student, 2004-2005 Thesis : Robust JPEG/JPEG-2000 Image Transmission With Error Resilient Coding
Kyaw Kyaw Oo MSc Student, 2003-2004 Thesis : Fast Vector Quantization for Image Coding
Htein Lin MSc Student, 2003-2004 Thesis : Robust Vector Quantization for Image Transmission
Yeoh Wee Soon MSc Student, 2000-2001 Thesis : Vector Quantization Index Coding Using LZW Algorithm

External Examiner for Ph.D. Theses/Viva

University of Liverpool UK 2013 (Jimin Xiao)
University of Southern Queensland Australia 2011 (Stephen Braithwaite), 2012 (Shahab Anna Abdullah), 2014 (Nandini Ramesh Kumar)
The Australian National University Australia 2012 (Ke Jia)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong 2010 (Shuyuan Zhu)

As a regular internal examiner, I had been in the PhD theses and oral examination committees for a good number of PhD candidates at NTU, Singapore. I have also acted as an external examiner of PhD theses for a number of universities in China.